i-Disinfect your commercial / residential premises to maintain a safe and secure environment.

i-Disinfect’s highly experienced and dedicated team can secure any residential or commercial premises in order to achieve hygiene at the standard you require. Most significantly, i-Disinfect’s 3-step process is the most comprehensive and thorough treatment which gives our customer the assurance and peace of mind against bacteria and viruses which can lead to deadly illnesses such as SARS and COVID-19.

Following government guidelines is imperative in the fight against Corona Virus as well as other deadly viruses. i-Disinfect follow and adhere to all government guidelines and legislation.

The use of multi-surface cleaners and sanitiser, of which all are tested and approved by British standards, are used to extinguish harmful germs and bacteria reducing the rate of infection which in the current climate is alarmingly high.


ULV Cold Fogging (Disinfecting)

ULV cold fogging (disinfection) targeting 99.99% of airborne and surface bacteria and germs.


Manual hand sanitation/disinfection

Manual hand sanitation/disinfection using single microfibre cloths to reduce cross contamination on all furniture, door handles, machinery as well as office desk equipment (mainly focusing on high contact areas).


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning at 135c of all high contact areas, window ledges, office chairs and equipment.